Tax Systems

Tax Systems is the second biggest fintech company in the UK offering an automated accountancy platform using AI to calculate and deliver corporate tax computations digitally linking accountancy firms in the UK with the HMRC Tax and Revenue.

The brief

Tax Systems' aim is to enhance it's existing suite of apps and to successfully transition from a desktop-based app to a cloud system.

In order to achieve this, Tax Systems needed a scalable design system that would account for all the complexities of platform and a flawless UX for the achieving complex operations.

My roles: Senior UX/UI Designer

Tax Systems apps

As a company, Tax Systems has diversified it's offering over the years of it's evolution and, among others, currently offers primarily: Alpha CT (corporate tax accountancy software), Alpha VAT (VAT computation software) and Alpha Link (a data manipulation software).

Apps I worked on

My UX/UI process with Tax Systems

Solving Tax System's Design System scalability and flexibility

For Tax System, solving all the different user stories required a very high level of variation and versatility in terms of UI components, in order to accommodate the complexity of the UX.

The first step was to analyze the process of ticket requirements and figure out the degree of variation in rapport with the repetitive patterns.
My solution solved the UI components from a design and technical point of view, allowing scalability that accounts even for unique cases without the need to detach components.

Components simplified by 60% to 70% to allow more control and scalability when designing for more complex UX flows

Simplified the data table component for streamlined usage and full scalability even when facing unique cases, without detaching the components

Delivered product design and UX design to either solve or create new feature flows

Created UX flows with UI implementation and instructions for the development team


Improved design system for complex UX

Tudor simplified the most crucial aspects of the design system to accommodate complex UX flows

Inclusive and seamless collaboration

Tudor was able to organize effective workshops to align the requirements from product - user story - development team - design

Full stack design delivery

Tudor delivered A-Z solutions including product design, UX design and UI design with specifications for the development team

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